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Last Call Locating - Billings, Montana
Last Call Locating provides a variety of private locating services to customers throughout Montana and Wyoming. Our primary service involves locating and marking privately owned underground utilities prior to digging, excavating or core drilling. We locate private lines that are not covered by the 811 'One Call' system which only locates public utilities. We also locate the exact point of faults in buried lines.

Private Line Locating:

You should always call 811 before you dig, but you should be aware that this only covers public utilities. Private lines need to be located separately by a private line locating company such as Last Call Locating. Private lines are generally anything after the meter and can be found on both private and public property. If you are at all unsure if you have private lines or not you should call us just to be safe. Hitting private lines can be just as dangerous and costly as hitting public utility lines. Don't take chances, call before you dig!

Some examples of where private lines exist include:

  1. Your electric meter is located on a pole instead of on the house
  2. You have power to a detached garage or other out building
  3. Outdoor hot tubs or saunas
  4. Farm and ranch pivot systems
  5. Stock watering tanks and heaters
  6. Parking lot or other private lighting
  7. Signs and other business lighting
  8. Gas lines to outbuildings, BBQs, etc...

There are many more instances where private utility lines exist and need to be located as well.

Underground Fault Finding:

Underground faults are quite common and can be quite difficult and expensive to repair if you do not know exactly where the fault is at. We can, with the help of some special fault finding equipment, pinpoint the exact location of the fault for you. This allows you to dig and repair the underground fault exactly where it is rather than having to dig up and/or replace the entire line.

If you have a bad or broken underground electrical line give Last Call Locating a call. We will locate the point of the break for you saving you time and money.